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Reliable Quality Wholesale Market Agent OEM 2 Volt Lead Acid Opzs Battery

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Usage: telecom system
Voltage: 2v
Sealed Type: Sealed
Maintenance Type: Free
Size: 103*206*353mm
Weight: 9.8kg
Nominal Capacity: 150ah
Warranty: One Year
Certificates: ISO9001:2008,TS16949:2009,CE,RoHS
OEM: Available
Min. Order: 500 Pieces
  • 120PZS1200

  • Booster/Largestar/TNT

Product Description

OPZS 富液.jpg OPZS batteries
Tubular positive plate Porous rubber and PVC Separator
Flooded Electrolyte & AS Container  Extremely Low Internal Resistance
Long Service Life High power to weight ratio


Battery Fluid can cause burns

Use extreme care when handling Batteries. If battery fluid (dilute sulphuric acid) is spilled or splashed onto clothing or the body, wash with water and                                                                 neutralise with a solution of baking soda and water. Electrolyte splashed into eyes is extremely dangerous. If this occurs, gently open eyes and wash with cool                                                 clean water for 5 minutes. Call a doctor.


Health and safely


• Always handle batteries with care.

• Always store upright.

• Never over-fill with acid.

• Always charge in a well ventilated place.

• Always wear eye protection when handling batteries.

• Wear protective clothing if there is any rick of acid splashing.


• Do not use at the places near fire. Hydrogen gas generated from battery may cause fire and explosion.

• This 12v battery is only for starting engine. Do not apply for other uses.

• Keep out of the reach of children or the personnel who do not understand the manual. It may cause blindness or severe burn.

• When using the battery, wear safety glasses and rubber gloves.Sulfuric acid may cause blindness or severe burn.


• Replacement of battery shall be performed as per following order. If failed, it may cause fire and explosion. Remove cable from negative terminal first.Connect cable to negative terminal last.

• When connect cable to battery, make sure not to get changed post of +and -. It may cause the damage of electronic components or fire.

• When ueing the battery ,handle with care,sulfuric acid may cause blindness or severe burn.


• When moving battery, be careful not to drop the battery , which is heavy, Do not shake the battery with handle, if there is the handle, It may cause the injury.

• Do not shore the battery at the following places. High temperature and humidity. Being exposed to rain,snow, direct sunshine. 




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